How to install Grimoire

1. Download a copy of the latest grimoire from either the Front page or the Version page.

2. You will get a .rar file, extract it to an empty folder.

3. Run Grimoire.exe

How to extract rar files

1. Download Winrar.

2. Follow this video below:

Bug fix

Grimoire Not Opening

This installs flash player for you because windows killed it.

I. Download and install CleanFlash Installer.

II. Download and install FPPSetup.rar.

III. Download install_flash_player_ax.rar.

  1. Once downloaded, right click on it and choose properties.
  2. On Compatibility tab, tick Run this program in compatibility mode for, and choose Windows 7.
  3. Click Ok. Install install_flash_player_ax.exe.

Stuck at connecting/loading fix.

First try relogging and restarting grim. If that still won't work, do this.

  1. Type %AppData% on windows search menu to open "Roaming" folder.
  2. Find "Marcomedia" folder inside Roaming and delete it.
  3. Restart Grimoire.

Corrupted System fix

If none of that still works, maybe your system files are corrupted. Do the ff. to fix it.

  1. Open CMD in administrator mode.
  2. Type sfc /scannow.
  3. Wait for it to finish.
  4. Once done, open Grimoire, test and see if things are fixed. If not restart your PC and then open Grimoire.

Broken UI fix

Grim Client looks like shit with the autistic looking UI? Try this:

  1. Right click Grimoire.exe and click properties.
  2. On compatibility, click the "Change high DPI settings"
  3. Check "Overide high DPI scaling behavior" and select "System (Enhanced)"
  4. Click Ok. Run Grimoire.